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Hello world!

Ten years ago I was probably in front of a computer screen writing a history paper for college with a degree in Elementary Education in my line of sight.
Now I’m in front of a computer screen writing a blog about how I homeschool my four children and I’m not seeing much other than that because my it’s 9:26pm and if we’re being honest, my brain likes to check out shortly after 6pm. It’s on airplane mode until bedtime, basically.

Didn’t see that one coming, 2007 Courtney, did ya?

As the story goes, I gave birth to my first little treasure in 2009 when God shortly after began to reveal homeschool as our future. I won’t say there wasn’t resistance met there, but I will say it is a calling I’ve been blessed by answering. 2014 came and all of a sudden there were four of them I had to keep alive and love and teach and not mess up too badly.

We are in a place now where learning is more like thriving on life for all of us. I’m on my second education here while I’m totally winging this thing, and these kids think I hold the key that unlocks knowledge itself. I’m no expert, but I’d like to ehhem a bit and bring in my small voice on this topic that I love.

This space here to do so excites me, and I thank you for reading.

Allan Bloom is quoted to have said, “Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

Oh and am I ever a lover of the light.