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We have so many resources we pull from for our learning, but today I wanted to share some that are our tried and true go-tos on at least a weekly basis. I’m talking if nothing else, these are thumbed through, devoured, loved on, or rediscovered every few days around here.


Okay so these little books were included in an All About Reading curriculum I purchased 4-5 years ago. The curriculum itself wasn’t a good fit for our family then, but these books ARE.
My new readers love these books. They are cute little stories with black and white illustrations as well. I love the simplicity and my kid’s love the confidence boost that comes with reading one of these in 10-20 minutes and feeling like they read a big “chapter book”. My 6 year old son absolutely loves the little reading guide card at the bottom, which actually would be simple to DIY, laminate, and help guide along any early reader feeling overwhelmed by paragraphs or many words together. Looking these up now I see they’ve been redone in a color format and are available here.

These are our absolute favorites. If we have down time and I ask the kids to work independently I’ll bet my ten chickens they’ll grab these and get to reading, drawing, and/or creating their own “lessons” to teach the younger ones from. Seriously they’re on the table daily. The illustrations in these are fantastic, and the short blunt subject pages are honestly captivating for all ages in my opinion. These are wonderfully priced and available here. We give these as gifts, we love them so much!

This year we’ve found ASL to be easily incorporated to every lesson. We pick 1-4 words a week/day depending on how well the retention is between my four, and we generally keep this dictionary at hand to do so. For example last week when did a bee unit study, we learned the signs for bee, honey, hive, and spring. I love to outsource YouTube for this or @signedwithheart on Instagram, but my kids also get a lot out of referencing the signs in this dictionary.

This one. Just get it. It is another great gift book for even those not homeschooling. The map illustrations are so incredibly fun and the book is so very versatile. This fall we studied Europe and each week would take an imaginary train through each country. We used this book as an I Spy inspiration for each kid to pick landmarks, culture references, native animals, etc. that inspired them and we’d concentrate on each one by referencing other books and videos to dig deeper. They key pictures around the countries/continents are great memory markers and this one was well engaged with by all of my crew and even myself.

I’m an art girl, and I’ve got an art girl. So we do art things. Usborne has various titles for us art lovers, but these are two that my littles gravitate toward most. They’ve got some beautiful classics and provide lots of sweet tid-bits about pieces, and the best part is that they almost always end up providing some artistic inspiration.  They go well with the Art sticker books and coloring activity books Usborne offers as well. I get mine here.

Oh I do love this one. Again, you just get me real good when you’ve got some bomb illustrations and this one delivers there as well. My 8 year old daughter loves this book, and she often uses it along side her personal journaling. This one’s more geared towards girls ages 6-10. Angie Smith is so gifted, and this book is nothing short of a treasure around here.

I love discovering new favorites, so be sure to let me know if you think I’m missing out on something!