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Week’s Worth: March 12-18

I love favorites’ posts. I love to read them, and I love to write them!
I blogged here for 9 years, and a for few of them I’d do a “Thursday Favorites” series where I posted highlights of my week.
I think I’ve decided to post a version of this on Saturdays with our week in review-a little grab bag of memorable moments filed away here, if you will.

So here’s my very first one:

-I was on my way to the pencil isle at Target, when this beauty stopped me to jump in my cart. It was too special to be stocked among others in the store when I could rescue it and give it a place to thrive. Plus it was on sale.

-My guy turned 30 on Monday, and we had so much fun celebrating him. Ryder got him those rad glasses, Selah got him chocolates that she accidentally ate before she was able to give to him, Gideon got him a promised fishing trip, Adeline gave him a Polaroid collage of our family, and I got him a pillow. He got silly-stringed, red velvet cake, and Twizzlers too which made a mysterious disappearance shortly after being opened.

-I got to put these pretties on the wall in the school room this week. I have 6 more on the other wall in the room, but these are my favorites. $3.50 for a set of 15 here.

-How sweet are these St. Patty’s leggings my sister made for Adeline?

-We are all into these kid’s matching cards from SRT! They’re Isaiah’s prophecies fulfilled in Jesus, and we have been loving learning through them.

-As I was studying Isaiah, God revealed much of my own heart, and Philip and I were greatly encouraged adoption could be in His plans for our family.
-Wrapped up and enjoyed a bible study on Ruth this week with 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit.
-Loved this article on peaceful parenting.
This pin gave me real floor envy.
-Adeline met her Girls on the Run goal of 20 laps.
-We’ve been deeply enjoying Rich+Rooted Passover.

I think that’s it? This week was nonstop and jam-packed, and we’re all hoping to regain a smoother pace next week.
If you blog and keep a similar favorites series, let me know so I can creep on it! I love them!!