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Week’s Worth: March 19-25th

This week has been long. Fevers, colds, and grumpies have abounded here the last few days, but it’s looking like the weekend should be more promising.
Here’s a little look at our week’s worth of highlights.

I’ve had this book laying on my shelves for years, and I’ve only ever shown it a little bit of love, which is deceiving upon holding it with the wrinkled pages from bringing it home during a rainstorm. Anyway, I was determined to go into this week with some good habit training (which didn’t happen too much since everyone was sick and miserable anyway). I did however, get a whole lot of training myself from the goodness in here. I shared a my favorite quote from it on my Instagram on Thursday, but there were so many noteworthy quotes and ideas, I really couldn’t get enough.

When you are on the side of the road with a sign reading “Fresh Louisiana Strawberries” for $18 a flat and gobs of juicy red strawberries please just flag me down should I miss you. But I can almost promise, I won’t miss you.

Ya know the most well loved books that you read so often you can nearly recite them? These are ours. They were on replay all week while we snuggled off some sickness.

Good friends feed your chickens when they drive by your house. Great friends bring you melon plants.

Don’t laugh. These are my new velcro rollers. You want them. Especially if you have flat, fine, lifeless hair like me. Put them in damp hair, let them mostly air dry, hit um with the blow dryer on hot and then cool to set. THEN YOUR HAIR IS VOLUPTUOUS AND YOU WANNA WAVE IT IN THE WIND.

How else would I have figured out a group of ravens are called a conspiracy? This gem is only $6.50 right now on Amazon. Ya gotta.

-My kid saw me checking these things out, and is now begging to make them.
-My sweet husband got brought me home a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee one of these evenings, and it was the best dinner I had all week besides the night he went to the store after work and cooked us all tacos because that was the feverish child’s request that night.
-Gideon looked over at Adeline reading this week and whispered to me, “Momma, Adeline is beautiful.” BE STILL MOMMA HEART
-I went out for coffee with my lifegroup friends on Tuesday night and cherished both the get away and each and every one of them. Also the macchiato.
-We all got adjusted at our chiropractor on Wednesday, and I have never felt better. I haven’t been sick, so I didn’t even think I needed an adjustment, but Dr. Flynn cracked my neck, and all of the tension melted right away. Sure did walk out of there feeling like a million bucks.
-My three youngest and I picked wildflowers from our outgrown lawn, and every time I see a jar of them strategically placed around this house I feel all of the happiness in the whole world.
-We started a new Science curriculum on Friday.

I hope you find yourself blessed by the little things this weekend.
Thanks for hanging out!