A Mid-April’s Week’s Worth

Hello little space on the internet how are you?
I am well. This is good because I had been pretty sick lately, but thankfully I am feeling much better and more writey lately.
Spellcheck is annoyed with my use of the word writey, so I think I made that up.

Before I share some of my week’s worth of highlights more school geared, I’m just going to take a little minute and show off my newest hair color, because when you’re hair is the perfect shade of cool toned denim, ya girl gotta throw that all over the internet. It blends really nicely into my existing silver sprinkled roots, so I’m pretty in love.

Speaking of in love. This. My girl Chana makes the most luxurious tasting caramel, shortbread, and marshmallows, and if you came over to visit I’d share it with you, only my entire order is completely gone. So get yours here, and thank me later.

We have been loving our April read aloud. I chose Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland largely because this illustrated version makes my heart entranced in the illustrations. I’ll have to do a post when we finished with some activity suggestions, because we have had an absolute blast coming up with things to do to make the chapters come alive for us. Irrelevantly, how sweet is that cross stitch by my 8 year old? She loves sewing and embroidery and she usually keeps her hands busy with that while I read Alice.

I did find this lovely art work to print out and have the kids color while reading too. They usually do a pretty good job paying attention while I’m reading, but sometimes it’s nice to have everyone’s hands occupied so they don’t find them in trouble.

My sweet Selah girl has been asking me to teach her to read since last summer, but she has had some struggles with letter recognition, so we have spent this school year with her really engaging in sensory letter related projects so that the letters really stick with her. There are far less messy options out there, but shaving cream on a cookie sheet has been her favorite. She’s gained so much confidence with it!

These pretty little things were our baking project on Friday, and they made me happy. All of the kids helped from beginning to end, and I love a project that produces cupcake and encourages following directions merged with creativity.

This little guy even surprised me by appropriately sorting jelly beans by color.

-We are starting to look forward to summer break. Actually I am looking forward to summer break. I told the kids we would take all of June and July off, but they asked if we could do a summer study on animals, so I think that we may just do some child led unit studies on specific animals of interest along with maybe continuing our gardening curriculum.
-Both Adeline and Gideon are almost finished with their math for the school year, and finished math books always equal one on one ice cream dates, so they’re extra motivated.
-We battle really acidic soil on our property, but our spring garden has been coming along. This year I laid some news paper before I resoiled the beds, and it has been such an amazing hack since I’m not pulling weeds in it all the time like  I usually am.
-I am on a spending freeze to try and save for some dental work for both myself and Gideon, and spending freezes are absolutely torturous for me when Amazon is just over there existing like normal.
-We’re thinking about getting a few baby chicks through the mail so that they can start laying when our current chicken friends slow down which will probably be this fall. I’m hoping for some like this and this and this. Why do I love chickens so much?
-I know Pete’s Dragon wasn’t the most loved movie made recently, but I just love it so much. We just watched it this evening, and I wish I could have a dragon.

We’re so excited to celebrate our risen Savior tomorrow. We’ve been observing Lent for the last few weeks, and the anticipation for tomorrow is in waves all over the place here.
Happy Easter my friends.



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