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    Week’s Worth April 16-22

    We are all two shades tanner and ten levels frecklier since spring has begun.
    We planted our two vegetable beds at the end of March, and although we tend beds every spring, this was the first year we felt so passionate about the fine details.

    I attribute this to children old enough and interested enough to help. This is the first year in nine that I’m not pregnant and/or carrying around a baby, so there has been much more freedom in yard tending for me. Plus it’s been really rad having kids old enough to help!

    This spring has been so fun! We’re annoyingly obsessed with our little plant babies and check on them numerous times a day which feels like it makes the growing slower, I think.

    It’s amazing how much beauty and diversity are packed in to the infinite amount of variations of things that grow. We’ve spent the week studying soil in our Kinderfarmhomeschool Gardening Curriculum, and what I really want to know is at what point in my life did things turn to where I am so fascinated by dirt and such things?

    I do not know, but at least it has been a family affair. We’ve all been learning so much about minerals and temperatures and shades and ph levels and propagating and sunlight and blah blah yadda yadaa. All the good and boring things.

    My friend was on vacation this week, and we even got the privilege of tending to her garden while she was away. We never grow cucumbers because none of us eat them, but when we had permission to pick one of hers, we ate them and flavored our water with them, and basically we have a bed going up this weekend for cucumbers since there is just no stopping us now.

    We had a tough week this week in math, so while we battled the sorrows of subtraction with both of our math students, we pretty much nixed everything else other than our gardening. Hello summer, we are reaching for you ole pal.

    These are the resources we’ve gone back to with the kids. How to be a Wildflower isn’t as educational as it is beautiful, but since I have a love for both, we’ve carried it around outside a few times this week for inspiration. My girls adore it! Dirt is definitely geared toward older children, but it is jam packed with good info. Compost Stew has been much enjoyed by my youngers, and we even let my little four year old do a glue and dirt project with the letter D:

    It’s the brown page, which is kind of hard to see with this Hipstamatic shot, but I can’t help that because I’ve re-downloaded that early 2000s app and pretty much am obsessed with it.

    We haven’t added a lot of new guys to the flower beds this spring, but we did add a pot of these pretties. Pictured is Sally, Susan, Sable, Juan, Hector, and Poe. We do not know who stuck Poe there to guard, but we leave him because he’s charming.

    So far we have vegetable beds with lettuce, kale, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, peas, and melons. We’ve added olive trees, a mulberry tree, fig tree, and a pomegranate tree to our little Kebby orchid of citrus trees. We’ve got some basil, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender. We’re trying our hand at some coffee and blueberry plants this year too!

    What are you planting? What should we add in besides cucumbers (because who knew everyone loves them when we all thought we hated them?) What’s your favorite thing to grow? Talk planty to me.

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